Wedge Wire Screen for Seawater Filtration

Often a lot of time and importance is given to the selection of the strainer type. It is obvious that the selection of strainer type has significant commercial impact. At times, in tricky seawater intake lines, regular round hole perforation with woven mesh will not work. Well the filtration will happen, however the maintenance team will have a nightmare with an increased length of maintenance duration. What is the difference? Well, a lot is to do with the fibrous nature of particles in seawater.

When seawater is filtered, there are very high chances of fibrous weeds or other particles getting tangled in the round holed perforation. The fibrous particles are stubborn in nature and needs heavy scrubbing by the maintenance team. This scrubbing will eventually rupture the screen. The perforation and mesh are not designed for such heavy scrubbing. In such cases, the best option is to use a solid wedge wire screen. The Wedge wire screen is constructed using solid wires. They are also reinforced and have a very high burst pressure. This robust construction can withstand heavy scrubbing by the maintenance team. The construction is such that there are no circular holes. The holes are between two solid wires and runs across the length of the screen. This style of construction makes it very hard for the fibrous particles to get entangled. Hence for a seawater application or any application with fibrous particles, the best option is to use a solid wedge wire screen.